Dragamas School for Dragon Charming

Sammy looked up and felt his mouth swing open. Out of his father’s window he could see a tall, towering castle complete with battlements, turrets and towers with flags flying from the top of the coned rooftops.

‘Stop,’ he whispered. ‘This is it. We’re here.’

‘We’re somewhere all right,’ Charles Rambles snorted. ‘Just look at those ruins.’

‘Ruins?’ said Sammy. ‘It’s a castle. It’s amazing!’

‘We’re in the wrong place,’ snapped Charles Rambles. ‘Look, the sign says “Old Samagard Farm”. It’s the wrong place.’ He slammed the gear stick into reverse.

‘Can’t you see it?’ shouted Sammy. ‘Look! The castle, the towers, you must see it!’

In the rear view mirror, Sammy saw his parents exchange looks.

‘It’s there!’ shrieked Sammy. ‘Can’t you see it?’

‘No,’ said Charles Rambles after a long pause. ‘We do not.’