Dragonball is the sport played in the Sammy Rambles books.

It’s a hybrid of football, netball and rugby where players use their hands and feet to kick, throw and pass the Dragonballs in teams to score goals.

There are 7 Dragonballs in every game and when a Dragonball is in a goal it stays there until all the Dragonballs have been scored in goals. Every game has a winner.

Through the support of friends in sport, Dragonball is now available to play in schools and sports clubs.

Dragonball is a sport for everyone. It’s for all ages and all abilities. There’s no “you’re not good enough”, “you can’t play”, “we don’t want you on our team”.

It’s all inclusive and a great way to keep active, fit and healthy, to make friends and work together to score goals and win games.

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Origins of Dragonball

Dragonball was invented by author JT Scott and it is a sport played by children and adults in her “Sammy Rambles” books. It is one of two sports played by Sammy Rambles and his friends.

Dragonball is a hybrid game of football, rugby and netball, where you can use your hands or your feet to kick, throw, pass the seven Dragonballs to score goals and the team with the most balls in the opposition goal wins.

Although in the books the game is played whilst riding on a dragon, the ethos of Dragonball translates into real life and Dragonball is a tactical game for social and competitive teamwork, fitness and entertainment.

Ethos of Dragonball

Dragonball is designed to be an “all-inclusive” sport with a positive “anti-bullying” message. The Ethos of Dragonball is to include everyone regardless of age or ability. It’s designed to bring everyone together, whether using your hands or feet, walking, running or in wheelchairs. Dragonball is for everyone.

Dragonball is designed to be a fun way to keep active, fit and healthy. The game is deceptively simple but there are lots of tactics to help your team win. It’s great for learning to communicate with your team and the other players.

There’s no “you’re not good enough,” “you can’t play,” “we don’t want you on our team”. Everyone is included. Dragonball is a sport for everyone and everyone gets the chance to play.

Honesty and fair play with respect for everyone on and off the pitch is essential. Dragonball promotes self-belief, teamwork and communication skills. It gives the opportunity to think about how individuals make up a team and to work together to develop strategies passing the Dragonballs and scoring goals.

With a winner in every game, Dragonball teaches the balance between being passionate and competitive enough to win, but also to retain compassion and empathy for the losing team.

Object of the Game

The object of Dragonball is to work as a team to score more goals than the opposition.

Players & Teams

Dragonball is suitable for any number of players of all ages and abilities. The players are divided into two teams of equal numbers and where possible, equal ability.

Team Size
The team size can be reduced by age, for example, limiting the team size to a maximum of 7 players per team (including the goalkeeper) for younger players.

There is no overall maximum number of players because Dragonball is designed to include everyone who wants to play. In large groups the players can be divided into more than two teams and Dragonball can be played, for example: Team A v. Team B, Team B v. Team C, Team A v. Team C etc.

Extra Player
If there is an odd number of players, one team takes the extra player so no one is left out.

One player from each team is nominated to be the goalkeeper for their team and they remain in the goal area for the duration of the game. All other players can move around the pitch whilst the game is in play.

Dragon Tails
Each player wears a “Dragon Tail” or tag on a waistband. If the tag is removed, the player must surrender the Dragonball, placing it on the ground by their feet and the player must stay still until another player from their team helps reattach their tag. When the tag is reattached, the player can re-join the game.

As everyone is included in the game, there should be no need for substitutions, however if you have chosen to keep some players on the bench, they can be substituted at any time at the coach’s discretion.


Dragonball requires a referee to blow the whistle to start and end the game and to intervene at their discretion, e.g. sending players to the bench, for any unsporting or unsafe behaviour.

Pitch Size & Boundaries

Dragonball can be played indoors or outdoors on any size of pitch, e.g. a football pitch, netball court or badminton court.

If played indoors, the boundaries of play are the walls. If a Dragonball bounces off the wall it is still in play and there is no need to return a Dragonball to the centre when playing indoors.

If played outside, the boundaries are the pitch lines, or using your own markers if you choose to play on a smaller pitch. If a Dragonball goes out of play, the Dragonball must be returned to the centre of the pitch and it is then back in play.

Equipment (Please see Official Dragonball Kit below)

To play Dragonball you will need:

• An indoor or outdoor space
• 7 x Dragonballs
• Dragonball Bibs (1 bib per player, different coloured bibs per team)
• Dragonball Tail-Tags (1 tag per player attached to a waistband)
• 2 x Goals
• 1 x Whistle per referee
• 1 x Numbered Scoreboard

Game Play & Rules

• Divide the players into two teams with an equal number of players.
• Give each player a team-coloured Dragonball Bib and a Dragonball Tail-Tag to wear.
• Choose a goalkeeper per team. This player must stay in the goal during the game.
• Divide each team into two halves. Half the players on the team start in the left corner and the other half in the right corner (see Dragonball Starting Positions) and the same at the opposite end with the opposition team.
• Place the seven Dragonballs in a circle in the centre of the pitch.
• To start the game, the referee shouts “3, 2, 1, Dragonball” and/or blows a whistle.
• Everyone can now move to collect a ball from the middle, throw, kick, pass to try and score a goal.
• The first pass must be backwards towards the player’s own goal.
• As Dragonball is a non-contact sport, if the Dragonball Tail-Tag of a player holding a Dragonball is removed, the player must immediately surrender the Dragonball placing it at their feet and remain “out of play” until a team member reattaches their Dragonball Tail-Tag and they can continue to participate in the game.
• When a goal is scored, leave the Dragonball in the goal. It is now “out of play”.
• The game ends when all seven Dragonballs are in one or other goal.
• Blow a whistle to end the game.
• The winner is the team with the most balls in the opposition goal.
• Repeat with the same teams or change teams/players if appropriate.


A goal is scored when one of the seven Dragonballs is thrown or kicked into the opponent’s goal. The Dragonball must stay in the goal until all seven Dragonballs are in one goal or the other.

Winning the Game

The game ends when all seven Dragonballs are in one goal or the other.

There is always a winner of the game, either 7-0, 6-1, 5-2, 3-4.

A whistle is blown when all seven Dragonballs have been scored in a goal. The game is then reset with the seven Dragonballs returned to the centre of the pitch.

Dragonball can last for as long or as short a timeframe as required. For example, an hour of Dragonball might result in several games being played, or one or two longer, tactical games.

Dragonball Starting Positions

Dragonball Starting Positions

• The teams start at opposite ends of the Dragonball pitch, behind the line of the goal.
• Each team has a nominated goalkeeper.
• The 7 Dragonballs start in a ring in the centre.
• Players cannot move until the referee starts the game by calling “3, 2, 1, Dragonball.
• When a goal is scored, the Dragonball stays in the goal until the end of the game.
• At the end of the game, the Dragonballs are returned to the centre ring.

Booking Dragonball Sessions and/or Tournaments

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Official Dragonball Kit and Merchandise

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