Friends of Sammy Rambles

It has been a great privilege to work with new friends and old friends on the journey of publishing and promoting the Sammy Rambles series. The following companies and individuals have been amazing with their products, knowledge, hard work and expertise, helping to expand and enhance the Sammy Rambles brand in the UK and abroad.

Net Energy Internet

Net Energy Internet hosts the Sammy Rambles domain names, email and website. As well as providing a professional and reliable service, Net Energy Internet has been supporting Sammy Rambles for over 20 years!

Circle of Spears

Based in the South-West, Circle of Spears Productions produce both audio and live theatre entertainment. Consisting of a team of four trained actors and ex-TV industry professionals, they are able to keep all of our production in-house from start to finish, which means that they can operate in a cost-effective manner, often working with authors and small publishers on a profit-share basis.


CreateSpace’s publishing tools and distribution channels have enabled Sammy Rambles books to be printed to bookshop quality and shipped to readers all around the world.