Sammy Rambles and the Angel of El Horidore Cover

Sammy Rambles and the Angel of ‘El Horidore

“The Angel of ‘El Horidore is an ancient whistle handcrafted by King Serberon’s dwarves as his wedding gift to his future queen. The Angel is programmed to call all the dragons of the past, the present and those born after the whistle was forged…

…with one single blast the Angel will call all dragons to the Stone Cross and the Shape will kill them, take their draconite and use the magic stones to complete the Stone Cross and ensure their immortality.”

Sir Ragnarok is sure the Angel is hidden near Dragamas and sets a task for his students to find it so he can protect it from the Shape. Sammy and his friends Dixie Deane and Darius Murphy embark on their most serious quest so far.

Sammy learns more about his family, their involvement in the school and faces an impossible question of his loyalties which he fears will lead to the ultimate betrayal.

Sammy Rambles and the Angel of ‘El Horidore

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