Chapter 7 – The Directometer

If you’ve read the first six chapters, thank you and I hope you’ve enjoyed meeting Sammy and his friends.

The story continues with Sammy’s quest. Can he save the dragons from the Shape? Will Dragamas close?

But, I’d like to wait to share the rest of the book with you until I’ve found an agent or publisher. It’s my dream to have my story in print. I’d like to see the books I’ve written in the bookshops and in your hands.

I hope you will wait for this.

If you are an agent or publisher, or know someone who can help, please get in touch on 07950 264505.

In the meantime, I have self-published Sammy Rambles and the Floating Circus on Amazon Kindle and am waiting for approval for the paperback copy to be available too (due March 2016).

Update 3rd March 2016 – the paperback copy is now available!

Get Your Copy At or!

Best wishes,