Sammy Rambles and the Floating Circus

Concerned about the bullying at Ratisbury School Sammy’s parents begin a search for a new school. After a number of unsuccessful visits they meet Sir Lok Ragnarok, Headmaster of Dragamas.

Sir Ragnarok convinces Charles and Julia Rambles that his school is suitable for Sammy and this co-incides with Julia’s promotion at work which requires the family to move to Switzerland.

A few weeks later Sammy arrives at Dragamas. He makes new friends, begins new lessons and receives a mottle green egg which hatches into a tiny dragon for him to look after.

But as he settles in, Sammy learns of a dark fate hanging over the school. An enemy, known only as the Shape, is trying to destroy all dragons and close the school, unless Sir Ragnarok can pay their ransom.

Not wanting to return to his old school and the bullies, Sammy and his best friends Dixie Deane and Darius Murphy set about uncovering who or what is behind the Shape and ensuring the school can continue.

Their adventure uncovers old secrets both within the school and the mysterious lands above the school that they visit. Sammy’s journey tests him to the limit, cements his friendships and increases his skills which will be used in the coming years at Dragamas.

Sammy Rambles and the Floating Circus

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Listen to Chapter One of Sammy Rambles and the Floating Circus read by Tracey Norman of Circle of Spears here.