If you would be interested in hearing about my journey creating Sammy Rambles and his adventures (tailored talks for all key stages), please contact me for details about visiting your school.

Find out more about:

– The inspiration behind Sammy Rambles, the reason for writing.
– Philosophical influences, mythology, love of words, hidden meanings within the stories.
– Writing the stories using pen and paper in every spare minute and very unusual places.
– Editing, proofreading, aiming for 95%.
– Agents, Publishers, Rejection and the route of self-publishing.
– The reason for publishing the books in quick succession.
– Promoting the stories, creating the website and Facebook page.
– Visiting fairs, events, schools, meeting the readers.
– Writing more stories in the future.

Please contact 07950 264505 for more details or visit for photos and reviews of recent school visits.